Playing out of hours – tokens needed

Dear Members,

As the winter draws in we want to remind those who wish to play tennis at times when the bar is not open that they need to purchase tokens in advance.
Tokens can be bought in the bar and used for all courts except 6 and 9.  For those who haven’t used tokens before they facilitate the use of the floodlights and the boxes for same are to the left of the junior room at the side of the club house.
Ber can assist with any further information at the bar.

AED First Aid Training

Dear members,

I don’t know if people are aware of what happened a few weeks ago in Douglas Tennis Club during their open tournament but in a nutshell a man’s life was saved due to the club having a defibrillator and the fact that his opponent was trained how to use it. (please see links for further details)
Our club has a defibrillator which we purchased a number of years ago.  At that time, we also trained up 20 or so members on how to use it and on basic first aid. However, we were not able to retrain and therefore re-certify these members due to financial constraints.
I am appealing to all members who have trained/certified through their work or other clubs, could they let us know, so that perhaps we can put a list up of those trained to use the defibrillator, so that if the need ever arises there will be no time wasted in figuring out who knows how to use it.  With cardiac conditions time is the key to saving lives.
Anyone who is interested in putting their names on a list please email me on
Kind regards,

Club Close 2014

Details of the club close have been announced and we would like to thank Jeanius Menswear/Scarpa Footwear for their kind sponsorship of this event and we hope all club members will make a big effort to support this event.

Please check the events listing and the criteria for entry as certain conditions apply in each grade of event (mainly that a higher grade player must play with a player from another grade in the event.  eg Grade 1 must play with grade 2, 3 with a 4, 5 with a 6.) The tournament is scheduled over a longer period than normal to accommodate all members.  Players can enter with a partner or ask for partner required and can enter online by leaving details behind the bar or contact Eddie on 086 836 4153.  Get entering!!!


Club Close Link